Basic rules of deposition

At Donaldson & Weston, PA we understand how important the plaintiff’s deposition is. We often say that the plaintiff’s deposition is not the time to “win” the case, but more so an opportunity not to “lose” the case. Clients often feel obliged to prove how bad the accident was, their injuries are, or their future will be. We view a plaintiff’s deposition as the time not to exaggerate. Instead, we always recommend that our clients follow these 3 rules to giving a deposition.

1. Always tell the truth. After a few hours of deposition, there is no way to remember your answers in the first 30 minutes unless you are being honest.

2. Only answer the questions that the attorney is asking you. If the attorney asks you what color the light was as you approached the intersection, the correct answer is “green.” The wrong answer is, it was green, I was playing with the radio, my daughter was crying and I was trying to figure out how to pull into the parking lot. Too much information offered is almost never a good thing.

3. If you don’t understand or don’t know, just say so. Guessing is always a bad idea in a deposition. If you guess wrong, you credibility can be easily attacked by the opposition attorney. Its much easier to say that you don’t remember when you aren’t sure.

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