6 Types of Evidence That Could Strengthen Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

If you were seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident, you may be planning on taking action against those who are liable for your injuries. With so much at stake—the associated damages are undoubtedly adding up fast—it’s essential that you put together the strongest claim possible.

While every motorcycle accident claim is unique, all those that yield a payout present sufficient evidence of fault. Naturally, the kinds of proof you’ll need to gather will depend on the circumstances. The most valuable evidence, however, will likely include some combination of the following:

1. Photographs from the Scene

Accident reconstruction experts may be able to determine what happened in the moments leading up to the crash by evaluating images of the wreckage. If you managed to take any photos of the scene before leaving the area, give them to your legal team for review. 

2. Eyewitness Deposition

While statements from eyewitnesses won’t serve as irrefutable evidence of liability, they could corroborate your own telling of events, thereby strengthening your claim. Since eyewitness testimony becomes increasingly less reliable as time goes on, though, it’s important to obtain such statements as soon as possible after the wreck.   

3. Video Footage

If you have a helmet cam, perhaps it captured the accident, and you can use the footage to prove your case. Any dash cam footage from vehicles that were in the vicinity at the time may also depict some portion of the collision.

If no such footage exists but the crash happened in a fairly developed area, it may have been caught by surveillance cameras overlooking the scene. Should this be the case, your personal injury attorney can apply the legal pressure needed to obtain the recordings. 

4. The Official Police Report

Officers who responded to the scene should have drafted an official report. While their initial impressions of the incident may not necessarily be entirely accurate, they will provide a starting point for the investigation. 

5. Cell Phone Records

If the driver who struck you was texting at the time, his or her cell phone records should prove as much. Since the carrier is unlikely to release them without cause, though, you’ll probably have to file a subpoena in order to obtain them. 

6. Toxicology Reports

If officers suspected impairment played a role in the accident, they should have conducted chemical tests at the scene or shortly thereafter.  The results of these tests may prove integral to your claim. 

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