5 Social Media Tips for Motorcycle Accident Victims

People driving cars, trucks, and SUVs don’t always keep an out for motorcyclists in traffic. Sadly, this negligence often results in devastating crashes that leave riders with catastrophic injuries.

If you were seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident, you may be inclined to turn to social media for support. Before you reach out to friends and loved ones online, though, it’s wise to consider the potential ramifications of doing so.

Should you be planning on filing a personal injury claim, it’s reasonable to assume the insurance adjuster will eventually scrutinize the content on your profiles. And if anything they see gives them cause to challenge your credibility? It could end up jeopardizing your entire case.

For this reason, motorcycle accident attorneys usually advise their clients to lay low online. If disabling your accounts temporarily is not feasible, you can at least reduce the likelihood of hurting your claim by following these tips:

1. Activate Stricter Privacy Settings

If your profiles are visible to people other than approved connections, navigate to your settings and enable the strictest privacy option available. While there’s no foolproof way to contain content once it’s on the internet, this will at least provide a layer of protection.

2. Deny Requests from Strangers

Once you’ve activated stricter privacy settings, you’re going to have to approve all new followers manually. If anyone whom you don’t recognize submits a request, it’s best to deny or at least ignore them. They could work for the insurance company, and they may just be trying to gain access to your activity.

3. Consider Content Carefully Before Hitting “Publish”

Before posting anything, consider how it could be interpreted. If it’s a photo of a dinner with friends, for example, could the insurance adjuster use it to claim you have a vibrant social life and, consequently, are exaggerating your injuries?

If there’s even a chance the content could be used against you, it’s advisable to keep it to yourself until your case has been resolved.

4. Refrain from “Checking In”

You might be in the habit of “checking in” whenever you go out, but it’s unwise to do so as long as the insurance company is investigating your personal injury claim. Much like statuses and photos, “check ins” could be spun and used against you.

5. Remind Your Friends of Your Pending Claim

If the insurance adjuster cannot see what you’re up to on your profiles, they may take to monitoring those of your closest friends and loved ones. As such, it’s important to remind all those in your inner circle of your pending claim. Ask that they refrain including you in photos or tagging you in statuses until the proceedings are over.

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