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How to Choose the Best Premises Liability Lawyer for You.

If you were hurt while visiting a public or private property, you probably have questions about whether you are entitled to compensation from the person or entity that owned the property. Our seasoned legal team can help you ensure that you bring the strongest case under the circumstances and that you are treated fairly.

Do You Have a Premises Liability or Slip and Fall Claim in Stuart, Port Saint Lucie, Jupiter, or West Palm Beach?

Owners of property are responsible to keep their premises reasonably safe for the visitors on their property. If you or a family member has been injured due to unreasonably dangerous property conditions, you should consult with the Stuart personal injury attorneys of Donaldson & Weston.

Property owners are responsible for the safety of invited or anticipated visitors on business premises, private homes, or apartments and sometimes vacant land. Regardless of the type of property, owners owe visitors a duty of reasonable care in maintaining their property in safe condition.

In Florida, visitors to property can generally be broken down into 4 categories for purposes of tort law: business invitee, licensee, uninvited licensee, and trespasser. A business invitee is owed the highest duty by the landowner in that the business must not only warn for known hidden defects or dangers on the property but must also make a reasonable effort to inspect the property for new dangers. A business invitee as the name implies is simply defined as a person who is a patron of a business establishment. A licensee is owed a duty of being warned of any dangers while visiting someone’s personal property. An uninvited licensee often confused with a trespasser is a person who wasn’t necessarily expressly invited to someone’s land but it was assumed or expected that s/he would be there, or other people were using the land similarly. This class of visitor is generally owed the same duty as a licensee by the landowner. Finally a trespasser is someone who was expressly not permitted on the property while there was no expectation that they would be present. This person is owed no duty by the property owner.

Slip and falls / Trip and falls — Victims suffer fractures, muscle and ligament injuries, back injuries and from tripping or slipping due to negligent property maintenance or defects in the design or construction of a premises. We see thousands of conditions which cause severe injury such as, pot holes, improperly designed steps, missing railings, slippery floors, spills, tears in rugs and uneven sidewalks.

Dog bites — Property owners are strictly liable when a person is bitten or injured in any manner by a dog. Dog bites cause severe scarring, infection risk, nerve damage, stitches or reconstructive plastic surgery.

Negligent security — Parking garages, bars, hotels, apartment complexes and other similar type establishments may be liable for injuries when a victim is assaulted on their premises. Negligent security claims include insufficient lighting, inadequate security, broken locks or fences allowing criminals the opportunity and access. Swimming pool accidents —Pool owners have a duty to ensure against drowning deaths, and other water related injuries. Lack of appropriate fencing, supervision and faulty equipment are common causes of pool related incidents.


The Stuart premises liability attorneys at Donaldson & Weston immediately investigate incident scenes and often utilize, engineers, building code or construction experts to evaluate the scene for defects and hazards. It is essential to identify, photograph, and measure any defects or dangerous conditions before the scene changes or is corrected. It is also important to take statements from witnesses before memories fade. We also review police crime grids and consult with security experts when evaluating negligent security claims.

Losses and Damages

Victims are entitled to collect damages for medical bills in the past and the future, lost wages and future earnings capacity, pain and suffering and emotional trauma. Donaldson & Weston is dedicated to obtaining full compensation for our clients.

Contact the premises liability attorneys serving Stuart at Donaldson & Weston for a free case evaluation of your Premises Liability case. We represent personal injury victims on a contingency fee — no attorneys’ fees are charged unless we win your case.