Herniated Disc

Following a serious car accident, victims must deal with numerous doctor visits, physical therapy, and other treatments, as well as sometimes changing to a new job or even a new profession.

Port St. Lucie Attorneys Representing Car Accident Victims

A herniated disc not only is hard to diagnose but may be difficult to treat and overcome when it is discovered. Victims who suffer this type of injury are often faced with severe pain, as well as long-term treatment. Car accidents often cause these injuries as a result of another person’s negligent behavior. The Port St. Lucie car accident lawyers at Donaldson & Weston assist victims who have sustained herniated disc injuries with the appropriate legal claims against any at-fault party. Herniated discs may mean that victims are unable to return to work or do the same job that they once did, and the financial impact of these consequences may be significant. Getting the help that you need to account for this loss is important so that your future can remain secure.

Herniated Disc Symptoms

Spinal discs sit between each vertebra in the spinal cord, and they act as cushions to absorb any shock as a person moves. The discs are comprised of an external shell that contains a liquid cartilage at its core. When a strong force pushes a disc, the inner cartilage may tear through the shell and put pressure on either a nerve or a vertebra, resulting in a herniated disc. The compression that these injuries yield may present in a variety of symptoms, which may include:

  • Radiating pain throughout the body. The location of the pain depends on where the herniation occurs, and it does not necessarily correlate to the location of the injury. Generally, a herniation in the lumbar, or back, disc results in leg pain, while arm pain may result from a herniated cervical, or neck, disc.
  • Swelling
  • Tingling and numbness in the arms or legs
  • Kidney problems

Since they are not detectable with an x-ray, herniated discs are rarely diagnosed in an emergency room during the aftermath of a car accident. In addition to seeking help from a car accident attorney, a victim usually needs to undergo a CT scan or MRI. Due to this difficulty in diagnosis, it is important to be aware of any symptoms associated with herniated disc injuries and relay those sensations to your doctor as soon as possible.

Pursuing Compensation for Herniated Disc Injuries

Lower back pain is the leading source of disability worldwide, and 90 percent of all back injuries occur in that region. When a herniated disc caused by a negligent driver renders a victim disabled due to pain, that driver should be held accountable for the victim’s costs. We provide experienced guidance to people who need a car accident attorney to bring a claim on their behalf. Negligence exists when a defendant has breached their duty to act as a reasonable person would act under the circumstances, causing another person’s injury and resulting in damages. For instance, if a speeding driver rear-ends another vehicle, causing a driver or passenger to suffer a herniated disc, the speeding driver may be held liable. However, because of the often delayed diagnoses of these injuries, a defendant may argue that the accident was not the source of the injury, so the causation element is not present. Having a knowledgeable car accident attorney who can make sure that the proper evidence regarding medical records, a victim’s history, and other important documentation is presented may be vital to succeeding in these claims. If they are found liable, a defendant may be held responsible for damages associated with the victim’s medical care, loss of income, and lost earning capacity.