Car Accidents on the Job

Protecting your legal rights after a car accident can be difficult, particularly if you are also coping with painful injuries and major disruptions in your everyday life. At Donaldson & Weston, we pride ourselves on providing reliable and knowledgeable legal counsel to injured workers and their families.

Stuart Attorneys Assisting Victims of Job Injuries

While some people primarily work behind a desk, there are many other Florida residents who make their living behind the wheel. From delivery drivers to sales representatives required to call on customers on a daily basis, car accidents on the job pose a risk to safety. Under Florida’s workers’ compensation system, you may be entitled to benefits if you suffer injuries in a car accident that occurs in the course and scope of your employment. The key to ensuring that you receive the full amount of benefits for medical expenses and other costs is proving that the accident occurred as part of your job duties, rather than as part of an activity or errand that you were performing for your personal benefit. At Donaldson & Weston, our Stuart workers’ compensation lawyers have provided reliable legal guidance to victims throughout Martin and St. Lucie Counties, and we are ready to put our skills to use for your family and you.

Claims Based on Car Accidents on the Job

If you have suffered injuries in a car accident that occurred on the job, you should notify your employer immediately. Workers’ compensation lawyers will inform you that you must require Florida employers to maintain a workers’ compensation insurance policy if they have four or more employees. After you notify your employer, it will initiate a claim on your behalf. Next, the insurer will assign a claims adjuster to your file who will contact you to arrange a medical examination with an approved physician. The examination is a crucial part of your claim, particularly if your injury involves an aggravation of a pre-existing condition. During the exam, the doctor will determine whether your injuries are total or partial and whether they are temporary or permanent. These categories are used to determine the amount of weekly benefits that you are entitled to receive as compensation for your lost wages. The most severe type of injury, which is a permanent and total disability, will yield the highest weekly payment for the longest duration of time.

In addition to weekly benefit payments, workers’ compensation also provides compensation for any medical expenses that you incur as a result of your work injury. When it comes to car accidents, victims can face devastating injuries, including head traumas, paralysis, deep bruising, burns, and broken bones. To ensure that you receive the full amount of reimbursement for your medical expenses, it is critical that you keep diligent records and that you communicate with your claims adjuster on a regular basis. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can assist you with keeping track of these expenses and ensuring that you are reimbursed. The injuries that a car accident victim may suffer can require a wide variety of medical treatment and may never completely go away, rendering the victim unable to return to their usual occupation. Florida law does not require your employer to hold your job for you while you recover, but there are reemployment services available to assist you in finding an occupation suitable for your health condition.

In some cases, an injured worker also may be able to bring a third-party personal injury claim against a careless driver who struck them and caused their injuries. Our workers’ compensation attorneys can assist you with this effort as well, building evidence for your claim and advocating for you in settlement negotiations or at trial.