Burn Injuries

If you or a person close to you has suffered a burn injury due to someone else’s failure to act carefully, you should talk to a lawyer about the possibility of filing a lawsuit for compensatory and possibly punitive damages.

Stuart Attorneys Representing Accident Victims

Accidents that result in serious burns may have long-term physical, emotional, and financial consequences for a victim and their family. While doctors and medical providers can provide a certain amount of treatment and comfort to the person who was hurt, sometimes the impact of a burn injury lasts forever. Scarring and disfigurement may be a daily reminder of what will likely be remembered as the worst day of a victim’s life. While the physical damage cannot be undone, there is a way for a victim and their family to seek compensation to offset expenses caused by the accident and non-economic losses like pain and suffering and loss of consortium. If you have recently suffered serious burns, the Stuart burn injury lawyers at Donaldson & Weston are here to help you get started on a claim against the responsible party.

As with all accident cases, Florida law imposes a statute of limitations that controls the time during which the plaintiff in a case arising from a burn injury may file their claim. It is wise to consider not only this outer time limit but also the need for a prompt investigation into the cause of a fire, crash, or electrical event before valuable evidence slips away. The insurance company of the party that caused the accident should not be allowed to control the investigation, since the insurance company and its representatives will be looking out for their own bottom line, rather than for the best interests of the injured person.

Pursuing a Burn Injury Claim in South Florida

Automobile accidents are among the most common causes of burn injuries. When a motorist or trucker fails to exercise the degree of caution that a reasonably prudent driver would have exercised in the same or similar circumstances, a person who is hurt in an accident has a legal right to seek compensation through a negligence lawsuit. To succeed in court on a negligence claim, the plaintiff must be able to prove that the defendant owed a legal duty to the plaintiff, that the defendant in some way breached the duty that was owed, and that the plaintiff suffered actual damages because of the defendant’s action or failure to act.

Burn injuries may also arise as a result of the negligence of a business operator or a landowner. The consequence of a property owner’s neglect or lack of care may be an electrical fire, scalding hot water, or a locked fire exit, just to name a few examples. First-degree, second-degree, third-degree, or even fourth-degree burns may happen in a very short time when a fire or an electrical event takes place. Such injuries are not only extremely painful but also may require extensive and very expensive medical treatment. A burn injury victim may lose valuable time off work and may never be able to return to full-time employment. Skin grafts, amputations, extensive nerve damage, and multiple surgeries are not uncommon for victims.